Limo Hire Companies in Cardiff..

In January this year, the owner of a limousine company in South Wales, was convicted of illegally supplying their passengers with alcohol.

The owner of a South Wales based company said he was unaware of the law and stopped supplying alcohol on the day that he was contacted. He appeared in court after one of his chauffeurs un-knowingly offered three bottles of wine to under cover standards officers. Authorities had already sent out letters to local limousine companies making them once again aware that they need to possess a liquor licence if they want to supply there clients with alcohol on there journey. Officials in Cardiff, one of the destinations for many night time limousines from the valley, informed the officers of the belief that Mapel was supplying their clients with alcohol without a liquor licence.

Trading standards decided to set up an operation to try and catch Mapel out by booking a limousine trip. Whilst confirming the booking they were informed they would be supplied with alcohol during there journey and if any more was needed it would be arranged. As expected three bottles of wine were offered to the officers proving what had been rumored, now to be correct.

Polledri was charged and pleaded guilty at Aberdare Magistrates court and was discharged for six months with strict conditions also having to pay 550 in other costs.

Safety is always the most important thing and while no one under the age of 18 is allowed to be offered, accept or consume any alcohol, limo passengers over 18 cannot be served alcohol by a limo hire company without a liquor license. Laws are not put into place to spoil the fun but to ensure that everyone is safe on there journeys. If you want to make sure that you have a fun, legal night out in a limo, contact Hire Limos and we can find you a limousine which follows all the rules.