How to Behave in a Limo...

When you were picked up in your friend's parent's car from school or sport, your mum probably told you to be on your best behaviour during the ride. Well, when you ride in a limousine, the same is true, you should be on your best behaviour but what is the right behaviour for a limo ride?

First, you should make sure you are polite to the chauffeur as they are working very hard to make sure your limo ride and special event go to plan. Even if you're not sure of all of the things your chauffeur has organised and checked over, just know that they were working on your limo ride many hours before you were picked up.

However, chauffeurs also want to make sure that you enjoy the limo ride because of the limo and the event itself, so don't treat them like any other taxi driver and don't chat to them while they are trying to drive. This can not only put the chauffeur off of their careful driving, but they don't expect to be friends with their passengers and their role is not to be noticed.

Also be careful if you are having drinks from the limo bar or fridge because while the chauffeur will do everything they can to avoid bumps and stops which can make you spill your drink, there are some situations which are unavoidable. Even if the chauffeur doesn't make any sudden stops you can still easily lose your drink and remember you are just making more work for the chauffeur if you make a mess.

This also means you should keep your feet off the seats. As much room as there is in the back of a limousine it is tempting to put your feet up during the ride but just because you have hired the limo this doesn't mean you own it so don't ruin the upholstery for the other passengers.

Also remember that the doors will be opened and closed for you by the chauffeur so you can avoid any awkward moments when you take away a chauffeur's role. Now that you know how you need to mind your manners during a limo ride, Hire Limos can find you the perfect limo for your special event.